Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good things come to those who wait

Sorry for such the delay! It's been a hectic few days. However I am happy to announce that in July I will be doing a newborn shoot in my hometown. My godsister is having a baby! Not only do I get to do the photos for what will be the cutest baby ever (we don't know if its a girl or a boy yet) but I also get to be the godmother to that beautiful child!! I'm so excited I cried at my desk haha. In that same day, I also found out that I am getting about an extra $300 in my taxes. This is a fantastic thing haha. So how is everyone doing?! In need of any photos done? I have a few upcoming shoots that I am excited about. Getting to branch out and do families, couples and young kids. It will be a great up and coming month!

So today is all about football. Even though I don't like football I will still be going out with friends to enjoy the game. Be safe today everyone!

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  1. jenn, i am so excited that your photography is reallyt taking off!!!