Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little new scenery to end the day

At work today I was looking for some new locations to do photo shoots. I know I live in San Diego and it's basically the epitome of beautiful places, but I'm looking for things a little off the beaten path that aren't used as much by everyone else. So I just started google searching for "fields", "parks", and basically anything in between and browsing images. This.Isn't.That.Easy. Don't try it at all, I looked at the same photo I swear, 15 times. Eventually I just pulled up google maps and looked around the area. Another thing I noticed? San Diego is full of golf courses. But I did find a couple places in particular for my session tomorrow with the awesome Taylor and her boyfriend Mike. We are going too be up in Fallbrook. Below is a little sneak peak at the scenery I saw today! I was a little disappointed because its behind a hill so the sun sets faster.. but along the route there are some great off the road places. Does anyone else do that? Just pull over when you see a good photo spot just to try it? Hopefully you do and I'm not crazy haha

So with that, I bid you adieu =)

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