Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Price list finally up! and many other exciting things

So first and foremost I finally have a print price list to go along with my session list! Normally, I had been just doing CD's and allowing my clients to print at their own will, but with  my last session I had actually gotten prints done and was just blown away by the sheer quality of the prints I received. It is remarkable how much better the pictures look when printed at an actual print lab and not at Walmart or Walgreens. So after I noticed that, I started toying with the idea of having an actual print list. Below is what I came up with!

Also, on top of my price list, I also realized (I know, a little late in the game) that I really needed my own set of marketing materials instead of the hodge podge that I have now. There are SO MANY forms that you can use! Any suggestions on what other photog's love and which ones they use the most would be great =) I need all the feedback I can get! I have been trying to get an idea of which forms I need and which are great to have around just in case, but it's so hard to pick the essentials and also have a little variety so that I can cater to each shoot personally.

I absolutely love Design Aglow's website. They have such fantastic materials available. I wish I could just buy them all! I also found another great site called Brand Sushi. They have a lot of similar packets available and a slightly cheaper price. Seeing as how I am still greatly on a budget, this helps a lot. Any other recommended sites or suggestions would be greatly appreciated =)

Off to keep searching for the evening then finally crashing. It has been a busy week at work and it's only Tuesday.

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