Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just a regular Saturday morning

I love Saturday mornings. I am currently sitting here with my two (very crazy) dogs, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Does anyone else have the Keurig coffee makers? I got one right after I moved into my new apartment and just LOVE it. It's like making coffee on the go. It takes all of 30 seconds and i have delicious coffee. It's not big and fancy like the one pictured, but my coffee is pretty basic.

Alright enough of the brew. I have received such AMAZING feedback with my shoot last week with Mejia mamma and her family. Thank you to all of you, it means so much to me! Today I will be working on some more marketing/branding. I think I'm almost there. I found the perfect color scheme that, I believe, is a little edgy, a little fun, and very much me. I am very excited to show you guys! Once I get it up and looking perfect, I will post pictures and re-post my sessions/price list. Instead of music playing in the background, I have  "The Holiday" playing on my TV. I love this movie, I'm pretty sure I've watched it... a million times. At least. I almost know it word for word! Adios for now fellow bloggers!

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